PWP Board Members & Appointees

 Pat Fogarty, President

President — Patrick Fogarty

Patrick is a short story author and poet. He writes creative nonfiction, historical nonfiction, memoir and poetry. Born and raised in the south Bronx, his stories and poems are infused with personal experiences. He is a graduate of Yavapai College’s Creative Writing Program. His stories have been published Threshold—the literary magazine of Yavapai College, Inscape—the literary magazine of Washburn University, Australia’s Tincture Journal and several online poetry and literary magazines.



Vice-President of Programs — Joe DiBuduo





Secretary— Toni Denis



Treasurer— John Maher

As a recently retired pirate, John Maher’s had years of experience handling vast amounts of doubloons, pieces of eight, silver bars, diamond encrusted jewelry and other ill-gotten gains.  He exited the buccaneering trade, with all limbs intact, intending on becoming a jelly donut filler.

OK, maybe not.  Having graduated college with an English degree, John announced to his father that he would write the great American novel.  His father, then VP of Sales at Random House replied, “Buy a mirror.”  John asked, “Why?”  His father said, “To watch yourself starve.  Writers don’t make any money.” 

Since he had a keen interest in eating regularly, John spent the next 40+ years in the advertising business as a senior manager and media strategist in New York, Boston and Los Angeles.  (There are people who believe ad professionals are like pirates, because some can be unscrupulous adventurers.   Please refer to “Mad Men” for additional details.)  He worked on hundreds of accounts from the sublime, Godiva Chocolatier, to the ridiculous, Trump Taj Mahal.

After retiring from the ad game, John finally had time to write.  He has two nascent novels in the works, one titled “Family Secrets”.  He’s also written a memoir of almost 40 short stories, tentative title “Me and the Old Man”, that he hopes to publish this year.


Membership Chair




Publicity — John Maher



Greeter & Public Relations — Peggy Falconer



Webmistress— Jeannie Leighton

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