PWP Board Members & Appointees

President — Patrick Fogarty

Patrick is a short story author and poet. He writes creative nonfiction, historical nonfiction, memoir and poetry. Born and raised in the south Bronx, his stories and poems are infused with personal experiences. He is a graduate of Yavapai College’s Creative Writing Program. His stories have been published Threshold—the literary magazine of Yavapai College, Inscape—the literary magazine of Washburn University, Australia’s Tincture Journal and several online poetry and literary magazines.

Vice-President, Programs— Steve Healey

Steve is originally from New Jersey and primarily writes social commentary as well as contemporary humor. Much of his writing reflects his “Jersey” upbringing where attitudes are often brandished like weapons. In addition to his ongoing contributions to several blog and social websites, Steve writes content for a number of website developers. His writing has been published in several nationally recognized newspapers and a number of e-zines.  He has had a number of his sci-fi stories published online. Before semi-retiring, Steve did extensive global travel which is fueling his memoir based on the people and places he visited over the years.

Secretary— Carole (CR) Bolinski

CR has published mystery short stories, flash fiction and numerous poems. Her current published poetry book, “Pearls Beneath The Rind,” was co-authored with her brother, Richard. She has been a member of the MAD Women Poets since 2010 and co-facilitates poetry classes through OLLI at Yavapai College.

Treasurer— Peggy Falconer

Membership Chair & Bulletin— Marian Powell





Greeter— John Maher

Writing Contests— Susan Lanning

Susan was an English teacher for almost 30 years. She’s been writing seriously since 1970, preferring suspense and mystery novels. She has now published multiple novels and teaches fiction-writing through OLLI.

Webmistress— Jeannie Leighton






Publicity & PR— Katherine Caccavale

Katherine Caccavale hails from the east coast, and it was there where she accrued a background in market development and promotions. Coming to the west some twenty years ago and acquiring a master’s degree in education for some unknown reason, her writing remains stacked in piles on the desk in the corner, waiting for the right moment!